What we do

We are a new media company that offers technical and creative consultancy. We also offer production of websites, and video and audio content.

Recent clients have included the BBC, the Open University, Bristol City Council, Futurelab, and UK Parliament.

We work with clients throughout the entire lifecycle of digital media projects; from inception through to monitoring the public-facing website but our input is most useful at two key stages of projects – the very beginning of product and service development, and troubleshooting when projects are stalling.

We also have considerable experience of mentoring others to help them take a strategic and practical approach to their own projects which they can then carry into future work.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, our honest approach, and our ability to communicate with a wide variety of people.

Early Development

We often work with clients that are creating something new, that is beyond their day-to-day capabilities and moving their business or organization on. We help them document the steps necessary to achieve their vision. We research audiences, we often build small scale pilots to test the strategic approach, we help recruit suppliers, staff or partners that can work with our clients to realise their vision. Our approach is not to take production off your hands, but make it operate more smoothly, to keep you informed and decisive. However we can also provide project management and production should that be the most creative and cost effective path to completion. Our self-interest is in having successful clients and projects who will come back to us with new and interesting work and recommend us to others, it is not in milking projects for every £ of value.

Trouble Shooting

Projects don’t always go well — key staff leave or are fired, suppliers can disappoint, the context of a project can change, strategic and production planning can go awry. We often get brought into projects that have not been going well to help rescue what we can. Sometimes its early enough to swing the project into a new and more successful direction, other times it is using that last 10% of budget to salvage the project and deliver the essence of what was promised.